Restoring Confidence in Connecticut


As an Emergency Medical Technician Mike has been serving the public for over 20 years.

As Chief of New Canaan EMS, Mike led the department’s talented and dedicated volunteer men and women to the highest standard of treatment, ensuring the public received the very best in pre-hospital emergency care.

As a first responder, Mike has directly impacted many lives when it counted most, earning him the New Canaan EMS Commissioner’s award in 2010 and numerous life-saving commendations.

Since 2011, Mike has served as New Canaan’s Emergency Management Director, a volunteer position in which he leads the Town’s public safety agencies in a coordinated response to natural disasters and other crises. Mike’s steadfast leadership safely guided New Canaan through Hurricane Irene (2011), the Halloween Nor’easter Alfred (2011), and Winter Storm Nemo (2013).  Following his leadership through Superstorm Sandy in October 2012, Mike was named New Canaan’s “Person of the Year.”

As a member of New Canaan's Public School Crisis Advisory Board, Mike has been instrumental in leading the effort to bring best practices in school safety and security to the community of over 4,000 students and faculty.


After decades of mismanagement, it’s time we put a proven problem solver into the Governor’s office with the expertise and track record to restore confidence and get Connecticut thriving again.