Restoring Confidence in Connecticut


With Stamford still reeling from years of financial mismanagement and the effects of the 2008 recession, republican Mayor Michael Pavia tapped Mike to lead his administration in 2012.  The following year, recognizing Mike’s non-partisan value, the newly elected democratic Mayor, David Martin, took an unprecedented step and asked Mike to remain in his current position.  As Director of Administration, Mike plays a vital role in the Mayor's cabinet, setting the agenda and the direction for the City.

As Stamford’s Chief Financial Officer, Mike has worked tirelessly to reduce the City's operating expenses.  Under his leadership, Mike led the effort to privatize the Smith House, a skilled nursing facility the City had owned for over fifty years. As a direct result of Mike's vision to privatize the home in 2016, the City now saves more than $5 million a year.  Mike is most proud of the fact that the nursing home, now called The Villa, remains a caring home to more than 80 Stamford Medicaid residents.  Additionally, all 170 valued employees of the Smith House were offered permanent positions under the new management.  To this day, Mike remains committed to ensuring the success of The Villa and continues to work with the new management team.

Mike has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) since 2012 and currently serves as Chairman of the Board.  When Mike began his tenure at the WPCA, he identified numerous operating deficiencies, significant financial issues, a host of environmental concerns and no senior leadership.  Mike led the reconstitution of the board and actively recruited and hired the WPCA’s executive management team.  Together, the new board and new leadership completely transformed the authority from the City's largest liability into being the crown jewel among all wastewater treatment plants in the state.  Today, the plant is well-capitalized, efficiently run, environmentally sound, and well-positioned for the future.  The WPCA is the highest rated municipally-owned treatment plant in Connecticut and is responsible for removing the highest levels of nitrogen statewide.


After decades of mismanagement, it’s time we put a proven problem solver into the Governor’s office with the expertise and track record to restore confidence and get Connecticut thriving again.