Restoring Confidence in Connecticut


Mike has a love for his state, a keen knowledge of the underlying challenges, and the experience and confidence to solve the issues that we face as a State.

Solving Stamford’s fiscal crisis and ensuring a successful future for the City has been extremely satisfying for Mike. But it is not enough. As bright as Stamford's future might be, it is being held back by a state that is in crisis. It is harder to attract businesses, large and small, as the cloud of irresponsible state financial practices hangs over even the most successful cities. Mike is confident he can duplicate his success in Stamford at the state level by applying the same effective strategies. He has proven that he can work with both republicans and democrats and he will lead our State to sound financial decision-making. With so much at stake, there is no more important place for Mike to focus his talent, experience and effort.

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After decades of mismanagement, it’s time we put a proven problem solver into the Governor’s office with the expertise and track record to restore confidence and get Connecticut thriving again.